Imagine Being Able To Bake, Share and Enjoy Cakes Like These?

( I promise no one else will know they are free from)

It’s Time To Stop Settling for Bad Free from Cake!

You Deserve So Much Better!

Learn how to bake your own Free-From Cake – you won’t be able to tell there is anything missing

( Neither will anyone else)

  • Do you, or someone you love follow a Gluten or Dairy Free or Vegan Diet?
  • Do you want to stop missing out on Cakes, Biscuits, Pies, Tarts, Puddings and Desserts?
  • Do you want to have cake that tastes like proper cake?
  • Do you stand in front of the bakery section in the supermarket and just wish you eat something?
  • Do you stand in front of the free from section and fell rather unenthusiastic about it's offerings?
  • Do you want to learn how to bake ​proper cake yourself?
  • Do you have no idea where to start?
  • Do you not know your self raising from your plain?
  • Do you get confusedwith which sugar to use?
  • Are you unsure what to do when a recipe says beat, cream, fold or rub in?

If you are nodding away then

The Baking Bunch

is the right place for you!

So is The Baking Bunch for you?

The Baking Bunch is aimed at beginner bakers.

( Intermediate and Advanced will be along later).

We will help you widen your baking skills from the foundations up, teaching you everything from ingredients to equipment, processes to terminology.

What will you find inside The Baking Bunch?


Each month a new class will appear featuring a new cake with new techniques. Each class included a real time video tutorial of the basic recipe, a basic recipe sheet, additional sheets for flavour variations and a stretch yourself class challenge.

Nuts and Bolts of Baking

Each month two tutuorials will appear here. They are generally written tutuorials explainging about ingredients, equipment and processes. These skills are the foundations of your baking knowledge.

Let's Talk.....

This section is full of articles where we can discuss the best ingredients substitutes, or flavour combination or quality of ingredients. The knowledge learnt here can take your cakes from great to amazing.

It's A Cake Life

We look at different cakes for different events, different ways of displaying cakes or serving cakes to your guests. All the things that go with cake but are not cake!


We have compiled a list of places you can buy ingredient substitutes and cake stands and boxes and much more

Baking Queries

We have an ever growing list of common baking queries. As we get asked more they will get added to the list

And There Is More.....

  • An A-Z Glossary of baking terms

  • It’s Ongoing – New Classes are added every month

  • A private community Facebook Group

  • Bonus Seasonal Classes

  • Badges, Points, Challenges and Competitions

So the question really is..
Why wouldn’t you want to join us?

Still a little undecided?

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